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Agile Program Management

Agile Program Management

Planview’s Agile Program Management solution supports an organization’s agile transformation with tools that allow teams to visualize, plan, coordinate, and deliver their organization’s biggest initiatives in an accelerated and predictable way.

Agile Program Management Overview

Your Transformation Journey

Planview’s Agile Program Management journey guides organizations through the transformative process of adopting agile methodology to visually plan and coordinate work from the portfolio level down to the team level. The journey is organized into three progressive stages; each stage has a distinct area of focus and is tied to specific capabilities and business outcomes. The transformation journey is unique for every organization, depending on where they are, and where they want to go. In the final stage of the journey, planning and funding takes place quarterly or during program increments, and work and capacity are visually managed to focus effort around the most impactful initiatives by using team tools connected to the portfolio.

Team visibility is the first step in the agile transformation journey, empowering individuals across the organization to see at a glance what work is in the queue, what’s in progress, who’s working on it, and what’s been completed. This allows teams to focus on getting work done together and enables collaboration and communication across teams. Start here if you want to connect disparate teams to visually plan, manage, and coordinate work at the program level, while executing work in the way best suited for them at the team level.

Additional Resources

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