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Planview Customer Success Center

Customer Experience News - Nov. 2018

Training Academy Highlights

Planview PPM Pro Training Academy

We have added PPM Pro to the Planview Training Academy! Now, PPM Pro customers can use our self-paced academy to train themselves on a full range of PPM Pro features. We have 34 courses across 6 curricula, including:

  • Getting Started
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing Resources
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Administration

Get started today!

Advanced Topics in Planview Enterprise One - PRM

We've started creating courses for advanced topics in PRM. These articles are designed to help you learn how to set up the system for particular purposes, provide hints for optimal use of features, and more. We've started out in Investment and Capacity Planning and Financial Management, and will continue to add advanced topics throughout the academy. View Advanced Topics in Investment and Capacity Planning.

Mixed Media Pages for Multiple Learning Styles

Throughout the Training Academy, we have added mixed media pages that include embedded videos and animated GIFs along with text and graphics. We continue to added mixed media content as often as we can to make sure our users have multiple modes of learning available to them. The PPM Pro course Getting Around PPM Pro has several good examples of mixed media pages. 

Reminder: Projectplace Training Academy

Almost one year ago we released the Projectplace Training Academy. Head over to the Projectplace Academy to find the following courses:

  • Getting Started: 1 Course
  • Planning and Execution: 3 Courses
  • Administration: 2 Courses

Customer Success Center Updates

Latest E-learning Videos

The following e-learning videos are among the latest content added to the Customer Success Center:

Help Article Highlights

We have several highlights for E1-PRM!

  • Advanced Topics. We've started a new collection of articles that are designed to help you learn how to set up the system for particular purposes, provide hints for optimal use of features, and more.  
  • Job Aids. Browse our collection of job aids to find handouts that are useful for users to remind them of processes or product usage tips. We welcome suggestions for additional topics to cover.

We have also added technical guides to the Customer Success Center that were previously only available in PDFs:

As always, you (and our customers) can subscribe to any of the pages above by clicking the star icon in the top-right of the page. Learn more about subscribing to pages...

Search Improvements

The Customer Experience team always strives to improve the search experience in the Customer Success Center. We have made several changes recently, including:

  • Searching from within a product area constrains your search to just that product area.
  • The area you are searching is indicated in the search bar ("Searching in PRM...").
  • Recommended search results are presented first in the search results for the top 100 most used search terms in E1-PRM.

Training Services News

New Open Enrollment: Power BI and Excel for Ad-Hoc Analysis in Enterprise One - PRM

We converted the Power BI and Excel for Ad-hoc Analysis in Planview® Enterprise One – PRM course to an open enrollment class offered quarterly, in order to reach more customers. This class is targeted to advanced users who typically need to create specific reports. To address this need, we have limited enrollment to only six students, and each will receive one full hour of private coaching after the class. 

The next class scheduled for December 3-4. Now is a great time to have your customers sign up

LeanKit Courses Now Available!

We have added 5 new open enrollment courses for LeanKit customers! Check out the LeanKit training catalog and open enrollment schedule for descriptions and times. 

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Learn More About New and Enhanced Product Features

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