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301 Maintaining Troux Metamodels

Course Description

Maintaining Troux Metamodels teaches administrators and developers to design and maintain custom metamodels in Troux Architect for use in their Troux deployment.

Course Information

Audience: Administrators and developers who are responsible for designing and maintaining custom metamodels for their Troux deployment.

Objective: Upon completion, students will be able to maintain the Troux Semantics metamodel. Students will also be able to design and create custom metamodel extensions that are compliant with the TrouxSource Repository.

Program level: Advanced.

Delivery method: Classroom and onsite. Private onsite training available, please call for a quote.

Length: One day.

Cost: $1,000.


  • Troux product suite architecture
  • Troux Semantics types
  • Metamodel maintenance
  • Metamodeling best practices
  • Designing metamodel changes
  • Creating new objects, relationships, and properties
  • TrouxSource Repository configuration files
  • Using the Troux Architect help and other resources

Get Ready

 Complete the Troux Overview self-paced online course

 Complete 221 TrouxSource Administration (recommended)

 Watch About the Troux Metamodel

 Watch Explore the Troux Metamodel


Register online here.

Phone: 512-596-5312