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111 Troux Architect Essentials

Course Description

Troux Architect Essentials provides an introduction to Troux Architect. Enterprise architects will learn to create interactive models that represent the relationships between people, business processes, and technologies within the enterprise. Students will also learn to model the enterprise from the perspective of both current and future states, and use their models to analyze complex information. This course prepares the student to use and create models in Troux Architect, and is a prerequisite to more advanced Troux courses.

Course Information

Audience: New users who want to prepare for a role as an enterprise architect.

Objective: Upon completion, the student will be able to use Troux Architect to view, manipulate, and update models, and develop new models that provide an interactive medium for information delivery and analysis. Students also learn typical model lifecycles, how to manage collaborative work, methods for publishing models for wider audience viewing and annotation, and are introduced to models that interact with the TrouxSource Repository.

Program level: Intermediate.

Delivery method: Classroom and onsite. Private onsite training available, please call for a quote.

Length: Three days.

Cost: $3,000.


  • Introduction to Troux Architect
  • Using models
  • Creating basic models
  • Templates, Metamodels, and Troux Semantics
  • Modeling with the TrouxSource repository
  • Model visualization
  • Adding interactivity to models
  • Model lifecycle management
  • Submodeling
  • Troux Architect resources


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Phone: 512-596-5312