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221 TrouxSource Administration

Course Description

TrouxSource Administration teaches administrators the best-practice methods, skills, and techniques for efficient management of the TrouxSource Repository. This course is recommended also to prepare individuals for a role as a Troux developer.

Course Information

Audience: Troux developers who will manage and administer the TrouxSource repository and deploy developed extensions and customizations.

Objective: Upon completion, the student will be prepared to effectively manage and administer the TrouxSource repository in a production environment and deploy developed extensions and customizations.The student will also gain a basic knowledge of Troux security and typical Troux users, groups, and roles.

Program level: Intermediate.

Delivery method: Classroom or onsite.

Length: One day, or two web-based delivery sessions.

Cost: $1,000. Private onsite training available, please call for a quote.


  • A typical Troux installation
  • Troux security
  • Troux users, groups, and roles
  • Troux server log management
  • Staging system updates
  • Managing database logging

Get Ready

Complete the Troux Overview self-paced online course

Watch Troux Security


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