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B200 TrouxSource Bundle

Course Description

The TrouxSource Bundle is designed to give administrators and developers the skills to effectively manage their Troux system. The bundle consists of three courses:

  • Developing Troux Collection provides an in-depth look at the Troux Collection framework and provides students with hands-on experience building automated data collectors.
  • Customizing the Troux Portal prepares developers to modify the user interface by configuring menus and available portfolio types.
  • TrouxSource Administration prepares administrators to perform system management tasks, such as performing system updates, staging system updates, and managing user roles and security settings.

Course Information

Audience: Troux administrators and developers wanting to configure or customize Troux.

Objective: Upon completion, students will have an understanding of the Troux Collection framework, user interface, and administrative tools. Students will be able to build collectors, make customizations to the user interface, and perform essential administrative tasks.

Program level: Intermediate.

Delivery method: Classroom or onsite.

Length: Four days.

Cost: $4,000. Private onsite training available, please call for a quote.


Session 1 - Troux Collection

  • Troux Collection overview
  • Building collector models
  • Collecting data from multiple sources
  • Troux Insight data collection
  • Collector job management and advanced data processing
  • Troux Upload XML (TUX)
  • Troux Normalization Engine

Session 2 - Developing Troux Portals

  • Introduction to Troux Portals
  • Customizing the Troux Portal
  • Configuring Component Layouts

Session 3 - TrouxSource Administration

  • A typical Troux installation
  • Server log management
  • TrouxSource configuration management 
  • TrouxSource server log management 
  • Troux Query Language (TQL)
  • Staging system updates

Get Ready

Before the class:

 Complete the Troux Overview self-paced online course


Register online here.

Phone: 512-596-5312