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Horizons London 2016 Training Registration

Horizons Training - Troux EPM

Course Description 

This instructor led course, gives an overview the concepts, features, and functions of the Troux Enterprise Portfolio Management Suite, including Troux Insight and Troux Navigate, from a best practices perspective. Data Stewards, Business Architects, Administrators, Portfolio Planners, and Project Planners learn methodologies for portfolio management, lifecycle management, data quality control, and portfolio optimization and analysis.

Horizons Training - Troux Insight

Course Description 

This hands-on course teaches the concepts, features, and functions of the Troux Insight solution from a best-practices perspective. Data Stewards and Business Analysis learn how to use Troux Insight to view, manage, and analyze a complex web of interconnected enterprise-level portfolios

Horizons Training - Troux Architect

Course Description 

This course provides an introduction to Troux Architect. Enterprise architects will learn to create interactive models that represent the relationships between people, business processes, and technologies within the enterprise. Students will also learn to model the enterprise from the perspective of both current and future states, and use their models to analyze complex information.

Troux Insight Customization

Course Description 

This course provides a hands-on introduction to best practices for customizing Troux Insight. 

This course also includes 2 days of post class consulting time for implementing Insight customizations. This class is not currently available for private onsite, or remote training.

TrouxSource Administration

Course Description 

This course teaches the best practice methods, skills, and techniques for efficient administration of the TrouxSource Repository. This course is also recommended to prepare individuals for a role as a Troux Developer.