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500 Onsite Workshop

Course Description

Your staff will come away from training with knowledge and skills, but will they have the confidence to apply that new knowledge in a real-world environment? An onsite workshop can accelerate your ability to be self-sufficient with the Troux product suite and produce real work product at the same time. In the spirit of teaching you to fish for yourself, an experienced Troux trainer or consultant will guide your staff in applying what they have learned in the classroom to real issues in your environment, and work closely with your developers as they create and deploy projects.

Workshop Process

Workshops are a minimum of two days. When scheduling a workshop, you will work with your trainer to define the scope and focus of the workshop, including specific learning objectives and deliverables for participants. During the workshop, participants are expected to do the work under supervision and guidance of an experienced trainer. While we can not guarantee that the work product will be completed in the allotted time, our goal is to make sure the scope and objectives are realistic given the workshop timeframe and skills of the participants.

Potential Workshop Topics

  • Troux deployments
  • Production rollouts
  • Troux Portal customizations
  • Metamodel development
  • Model and template development
  • Reporting datamarts
  • Report development
  • Data collector development

Workshop Prerequisites

Students must complete all related training programs before participating in a workshop.



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