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207 TIRS Schema Customization

Course Description

TIRS (Troux Internal Read Schema) Customization provides a hands-on introduction to best practices for customizing the TIRS metamodel.

Course Information

Audience: Troux administrators and advanced Troux users who are responsible for creating and maintaining customizations to the Troux TIRS schema.

Objective: Upon completion, students will understand how to customize the active metamodel, extend the schema for new component types, and use advanced customization approaches including calculated properties and relationships.

Program level: Advanced.

Delivery method: Open Enrollment Training

Length: Two days.

Cost: $6,000 ($2,000 for training and $4,000 for two days of consulting with Troux Professional Services).


  • Overview of Troux schema architecture
  • Extending TIRS for out-of-the-box primary component types
  • Extending TIRS for new primary component types
  • Using calculated properties and advanced Insight customization approaches
  • Defining a custom lifecycle type

Get Ready

A familiarity with XML is necessary for this course

 Complete the Troux Overview self-paced online course

 Complete 108 Troux Essentials


Register online here.

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