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108 Troux Essentials

Course Description

Troux Essentials teaches the concepts, features, and functions of Troux from a best-practices perspective. Data stewards and business analysts will learn how to use Troux to view, manage, and analyze interconnected enterprise portfolios.

Course Information

Audience: Data stewards and analysts who use Troux to manage and analyze data.

Objective: Upon completion, students will be able to use portfolios to analyze enterprise data and answer critical business questions. Students will be able to edit portfolio data, create customized portfolio ribbons and tiles, and use reports and visualizations to present their analysis.

Program level: Intermediate.

Delivery method: Private remote. Private onsite training available, please call for a quote.

Length: One day or two web-based delivery sessions.

Cost: $1,000.


  • Introduction to Troux and portfolio analysis
  • Using reports and visualizations
  • Editing data
  • Performing administrative tasks

Get Ready

 Complete the Troux Overview self-paced online course


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