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Troux Mind Maps


For business and IT initiatives to be successful, they must deliver business value on a continuous and sustainable basis. In this overview we look at how Troux Solutions help business and IT make better decisions about their transformational initiatives that their enterprises look to execute to drive business impact and results.

{3b64202c-0f47-4d73-b40b-cc7e8845fb4f}_mindmap_double_thumb.jpgAt Planview, we know that business value can only be defined by understanding your stakeholders and their points of view, whether they are business and IT executives, portfolio managers, program managers, or enterprise architects. We help you answer key business questions such as: 

  • How do you align Business and IT?
  • How do you manage risk?
  • What about financials management?
  • How will this change the Business?
  • Do you fully understand the enterprise?

Each of these questions can be answered with an analytic report created and maintained through Troux solutions. Together, these viewpoints create a value landscape represented by a mind map.  

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