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Architecture and Governance Magazine

Architecture and Governance Magazine

Architecture and Governance magazine is an online community targeted at Enterprise Architects, Portfolio Managers, Strategic Planners, Governance practitioners and IT Executives who are focused on the issue of driving business changes through Business Technology Management. A&G magazine features industry case studies, analyst reports, and best practices related to our industry. Register once to read our current and past issues, comment on the articles and receive complimentary quarterly issues electronically.

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    Lost in EA Translation

    Volume 11 Issue 2

    Governing Enterprise Meta-Models and Value-Chain Instrumentation by Joe Roushar 
    In this article the author discusses what implementing metadata governance tools and processes requires along with the lasting benefits of doing it right. 

    Is EA For Everybody? by Douglas M. Brown, PhD, CEA, PMP
    The author in this piece will make you ask yourself  if you are really using EA efficiently. He also will give you steps to start or improve your EA program. 

    Why Not Visualize Enterprise Architecture Principles Like They Do in Building Architecture  by Mark Paauwe
    Explore the approach that If we can reuse principles and concepts from building architecture we can bring something "extra" to EA within each organization. 


    Changing Times in EA

    Volume 11 Issue 1

    • Four-Point Governance in the Knowledge Enterprise 
    • Breaking Down A Service to the Quantum Level 
    • Enablers for Right-Sizing the Architecture Review Board 
    • Leveraging Enterprise Architecture to Drive IT Service Cost Transparency 

    Embracing the Creative Side of Enterprise Architecture

    Volume 10 Issue 4: 

    • What's Wrong with the Term 'Knowledge Worker'
    • Rick Lauderdale Emerges as a Leader Among Enterprise Architects
    • Probability Is Problematic
    • Best of Blog: What 'Chu Talkin' 'Bout, Business?

    Break Though With IT

    Volume 10 Issue 3: 

    • Guess Who's Engaged? EA and the Enterprise!
    • Converged Infrastructure: Prepare or Run for Cover?
    • Understanding IT Governance and Why It Often Fails


    At The Intersection of Business and IT

    Volume 10 Issue 2: 

    • Business Capability Models: Why You Might Be Missing Out on Better Business Outcomes
    • Part 2: How to Make Enterprise Architecture Strategic
    • Inside a Digital Transformation


    Making the Digital Transformation
    Volume 10 Issue 1: 
    • Part 1: How to Make Enterprise Architecture Strategic?
    • Lock-In: The Cloud's Hidden Menace
    • Engineering Why: What Every Architect Needs to Know
    • Emerging Technology and Disruptive Technology - What's the Difference?


    The Evolving Nature of the EA Profession

    Volume 9 Issue 4: 

    • Five Paradigm Shifts for Business Architecture Success
    • Possible Futures for Enterprise Architecture
    • The FEAPO Enterprise Architecture Perspective Initiative: A Common Perspective on Enterprise Architecture
    • Best of the Blog: Enabling Organizational Change


    EA is Everyone's Job

    Volume 9 Issue 3:

    • Driving Results Through EA: A Racer's Perspective
    • A Newly Hired CIO: Day One
    • Data Governance for the Mobile Enterprise
    • Best of the Blog: EA Is FREE


    Driving Results Through EA

    Volume 9 Issue 2:

    • Becoming Strategy-Driven: Moving Beyond Simple 'Business Alignment'
    • Taking the Bird's Eye View on Legacy Transformation and Modernization
    • Part Two: Mike Walker Talks Business Architecture and the Best Practices for Using It 
    • Five Essential Capabilities Every Organization Should Invest In


    Business Architecture: The Blueprint for Success?

    Volume 9 Issue 1: 

    • Business Architecture: A Pragmatic Perspective
    • Mike Walker Talks Business Architecture and the Best Practices for Using It
    • Doing the Right Thing vs. Doing Things Right 
    • Business Architecture and the Five Benefits of a Unified Approach to Development Management

    Marketing the Value of EA

    Volume 8 Issue 2:

    • Communicating Values of Enterprise Architecture to Stakeholders
    • Many Factors Highlight the Value of EA
    • What Is IT Debt and How Is It Being Addressed? 
    • Is Your IT Investment Initiative Adding Value to the Enterprise?

    The Secrets to Better Decision Making

    Volume 8 Issue 1: 

    • Demand More from Your IT
    • Portfolio-Based Demand Management
    • Business Policies, Business Rules, and Rulebook Management: Let Us Be Well-Governed 
    • How Enterprise Portfolio Management Adds Value to Your Organization 

    Volume 7 Issue 2

    • A&G 2011 Annual Survey Yields Provocative Trends
    • Creating A Balanced Scorecard for Sourcing
    • Managing Schedule Flaws Using Agile Methods (Part 1)

    Volume 6 Issue 6

    • Getting Started with Enterprise Business Architecture
    • The Evolving Definition of Risk
    • How to Initiate an Enterprise Architecture Effort in an Austere Environment

    Volume 6 Issue 5

    • Curing the Federal EA Hangover
    • Take Charge of Application Integration Chaos
    • The Case for Application Modernization