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Analyst Reports

Reports from industry-leading analysts

    Gartner: Future of EA 2025:
    Evolving From Enterprise to Ecosystem
    Digital business is changing the way we work and affects every part of the business.  EA practitioners must evolve and adapt in order to influence strategic business decisions and add more value to the organization.  
    "By 2017, 60% of organizations will execute on at least one revolutionary and currently unimaginable business transformation effort."
    Business and IT leaders are constantly looking for ways to enhance enterprise security programs. The rapidly escalating cyber threat environment has heightened the risk posed by obsolete devices and software within the IT infrastructure.
    This case study highlights the successful initiation and delivery of an IT asset lifecycle management solution that assists in combating the increased number of cyber attacks that target proprietary enterprise information.  
    To learn more about how Troux help a small team of enterprise architects at a world-class enterprise deliver this important capabilit,y please download this complimentary case study from IDC. 

    451 Research: Troux Impact Report

    This report, published by 451 Research, gives an overview of Troux's current and future influence in the areas of Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) through its growing suite of enterprise intelligence (EI) solutions.  

    The report overviews the current enhancements Troux has made to its EPM tools to better support the changing needs of the modern enterprise. According to 451, Troux solutions take decision makers beyond business intelligence (BI), into enterprise intelligence. 
    EI exceeds the bounds of typical BI tools by providing business leaders with the necessary context and insight to understand the cost/benefit of changes against the entire business, not just at a group or departmental level. This allows decision makers to better understand and prioritize where to invest and how to execute change that supports the entire business.