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Technology Portfolio Management

The Solution

Proactively understand and address the business impact and risk of aging technologies and improve compliance with your preferred standards.


Solution Map

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The following diagram illustrates the Technology Portfolio and provides an interactive map to drill into the capabilities, review the definitions, outcomes, data model, analytics, and recommended best practices and to link to How-to and E-learning assets to support the on-boarding of users.


Business Outcomes

  • We understand what technologies are currently deployed in our environment, and our portfolio is under management and governance
  • We have a line of sight to the technology risks associated with age and support
  • We can support technology standards governance decisions and determinations
  • We can create & manage technology roadmaps
  • We can reduce the technology footprint and complexity in our landscape
  • We can plan technology retirement and replacements through fact based analysis, and understand the technology roadmap and transition plans
  • We can determine current and future resourcing needs