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Business Capability Portfolio Management

The Solution

Capability-based planning and analysis aligns investment and technology portfolios with enterprise strategic priorities driving optimal performance and advancing business capability maturity.


Solution Map

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The following diagram illustrates the Business Capability Portfolio and provides an interactive map to drill into the capabilities, review the definitions, outcomes, data model, analytics, and recommended best practices and to link to How-to and E-learning assets to support the on-boarding of users.


Business Outcomes

  • Common vocabulary is enhancing quality and speed of decision making, and reducing confusion in cross-organization discussions.
  • Explicit governance exists over the entire body of change and investment portfolios, with holistic enterprise oversight.
  • Major information technology investments with business implications are driven through business strategy as articulated via business architecture.
  • Business Architecture is being used to interpret the business model in ways essential to establishing actionable roadmaps, funding, and priorities needed to deliver results ranging from tactical deployments to long-term business transformation.
  • Traceability of expected business outcomes is defined and followed.
  • Year-over-year lessons learned are used to continually improve planning process.