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Create Basic Relationships


This article shows how to create relationships: chain, fan out, or fan in. It also shows how to remove (delete) a relationship.

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  1. To create a relationship between work items, select the predecessor item, then select the successor item. Use the Ctrl and Shift keys to select multiple items. 
  2. Select action_menu_15.png next to one of the rows > Relationships > Chain, Fan Out, Fan In, or Remove (Figure 1). Relationships are created based on the order each item is selected from the previous step. 

Use a column set with the Predecessors and Successors columns to view relationships between tasks.


You can also use keyboard shortcuts to establish relationships. They are shown in the Relationships menu for easy reference.


The Relationships menu (and the others as well) can also be accessed by right-clicking in any column cell. Any actions you can’t do (due to your grants or features) are grayed out.


Basic predecessor-successor relationships between work items can also be created via the Gantt chart relationship editor in Work and Resource Management. Hover over the row for the first task you want. Then, to establish a relationship to task start, select the left chain icon that appears, or select the right chain icon to establish a relationship to task finish (Figure 2).


Figure 1: Work and Resource Management


Figure 2: Work and Resource Management