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Analyze Investments using the Analyze View


This mixed media article provides an overview of the Analyze pivot view in Investment and Capacity Planning, plus links to using the Analyze view.

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Key Concepts and Best Practices

The Analyze view is used to model different scenarios using the following capabilities:

  • Modify the investment status.
  • Modify the investment priority.
  • Shift the investment financial-planning data.

Ranking and priority grouping are similar but serve different purposes. Ranking allows for a specific 1–n rank for each investment in analysis. The Priority column allows for grouping of investments. Another difference is that rankings are not published because—as different people can publish different scenarios—there would be multiple number ones, number twos, etc. On the other hand, priority attributes can be published along with status, dates, and changes to financial data, and they can serve as a form of communication and be used for reporting purposes.

If the portfolio was created using demand only from an existing portfolio, the Out of Portfolio row will be displayed and will summarize out-of-portfolio demand that has been accepted or conditionally accepted.