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Adjust the Strategic Hierarchy using Tree, List, and Group


This mixed media article describes how to use the Tree, List, and Group buttons to adjust the strategic hierarchy display. 

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The Portfolio Manager tile on the Strategies menu defaults to display the programs included in the portfolio, their parent levels, and any allocated work/projects/outcomes.

It is easy to modify the hierarchy to only display the rows that you want to see using the tree, list, and group buttons on the top of the screen. The tree option will display the entire tree including parent, program, and associated/allocated items. The list button allows you to select only one level of the hierarchy to view. If you only want to see a list of programs without the parent or lower levels, use the list button, then select program.

The Group button will filter the portfolio and allow you to focus by business capabilities (if configured), or attributes such as work status. Note that for attributes to be included in the drop down, they must be configured by the administrator to only display at PPL (the project level).

If the screen displays financial data, financials are summarized across attributes to give you up-to-date totals for cost, benefit, and effort by each value. In addition, the displayed hierarchy is replaced by the selected structure’s values and the type of entities (such as, programs and projects) supporting those values.

Clicking Tree or List clears the Group list’s settings.

Select here to review Business Rules Relevant to the Group List.

Keystroke Steps

  1. From the Portfolio Manager tile, select the Tree, List, or Group icons (Figure 1). If List or Group is selected, you must also select the Level to list, or the attribute you wish to group by (Figure 2).
  2. The page will refresh based on the selection. Review data or make edits as needed.
  3. To remove the list settings, select either the Tree or List icon. To return the page to the original setting, select Tree.

2f. Portfolio Manager Tree List and Group Buttons.png

Figure 1: Portfolio Manager Tree, List, and Group Buttons


Figure 2: Strategy Group By

2ff. Strategy Group By.png

Figure 2: Strategy Group By