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Resource Management and Assignments Overview


This article lists some key concepts and general information on resource management functionality in Portfolio and Resource Management and provides links to introductory information about important screens. 

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Portfolio and Resource Management helps me understand the big picture on the utilization of resources and teams of resources who work for me. From one screen I can see who is overbooked and who has free time. I can then drill down into any of the details and easily make the necessary changes. Portfolio and Resource Management will populate details about each available resource, which makes filling requirements (requests for resources to work on projects) easy for me. This ensures that my work manager colleagues can staff their projects with the best available people and allows me to easily manage who is working on what.

The ability to make and approve assignments for teams of resources also speeds up my work and keeps it accurate.

I find the reporting capabilities of Portfolio and Resource Management extremely useful for quickly identifying over- and under-utilized resources, late timesheets, and so much more.

Key Concepts and Best Practices

Resources are people in your organization who are assigned to projects. They often have access to see their own assignments and utilization chart and to fill out timesheets. Resources are grouped in the resource structure based on your organization’s hierarchy or reporting needs.

A resource portfolio is a group of resources that you have access to in the system. A portfolio can be static (including a specific list of resources) or dynamic (including a group of resources based on the resource structure and other attributes).

A resource team is any group of resources that works together on a project or other work item. Teams do not have to be in the same department or of the same organizational resource type, and they can be formed and broken up, as the work demands. Often, assignments are made to teams of resources, so that whoever has the bandwidth can do the work.

Grants  provide access to projects and resources. Grants provide either read-only or read/write access to information for each user. Grants are often managed by the administrators.