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Resource Assignments


Resource Assignment Types Overview
Resource Assignment Types Overview from PM training.
Pages: 5
Create Requirements
Create Requirements chapter from PM training.
Pages: 4
Reserve Resources
Reserve Resources chapter from PM training book E1 - PRM 15.
Pages: 6
  • Reserve Resources
    This article provides concepts and best practices for reserving resources for phases of a project.
  • Reserve Resources to Tasks (Direct Reserve)
    This mixed-media article explains how to directly assign one or more resources to work by creating reserves.
  • Create a Reserve from a Requirement
    This article describes two options for how to create a reserve from an existing requirement.
  • Adjust Reserve Effort
    This article shows how to change the effort on a reserve from an even distribution to an uneven profile.
  • Align Reserves with Work
    This mixed-media article shows how to shift the Schedule Start date of one or more reserves to align with the Schedule Start date of their associated work item.
  • Align Over Allocated Reserves
    This article shows how to deal with reserves that have been allocated more effort than the reserve called for, resulting in negative numbers on the assignment grid.
Allocate Resources
Allocate Resources chapter in PM training E1 - PRM 15.
Pages: 4
Authorize Resources
Authorize Resources chapter from training content E1 - PRM 15.
Pages: 3
Work with Resource Assignments
Review and decrement from resource assignments.
Pages: 3
Substitute Resources
The Substitute Resources chapter out of the PRM training book E1 - PRM 15.
Pages: 3


The topics in this course will enable you understand the types of resource (or effort) assignments available in Portfolio and Resource Management and to make assignments of each type. You will also learn to substitute resources and decrement from assignments.