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Update Work Detail Attributes


This article explains how to work with the Work Detail and Work View screens to change information about a project.

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You are viewing content for Planview Enterprise One release 15 – Portfolio and Resource Management and greater.

Keystroke Steps: Update Work Detail Attributes


Many project attributes can be accessed via the Work View screen. All items in the Work View for a work item are reflective of what you have selected in Work and Resource Management, so make sure you have the correct item selected in Work and Resource Management before you select Work View.

  1. From Work and Resource Management, select action_menu_15.png  > Work Detail next to the row for which you wish to view or edit details. Some work detail items can only be updated at Project Planning Level (PPL, the top row); others may be available to modify at any level of the work breakdown structure.
  2. The page is divided into sections. It often includes links to other pages. To update data, select Update in the section header or select a link to navigate to the selected screen (Figure 1).
  3. The Basic section includes some standard settings. Key fields include:
  • Project Status—some statuses can be changed manually, while others can only be changed via the lifecycle. It is important to update the status manually only when necessary because it can have significant impact on the project. For example, changing the status to Completed will result in all fields (except the Status field) becoming read-only, and all remaining project dates and effort will be removed.
  • Calendar—scheduling calendars indicate working and non-working hours for each given day. If more than one calendar is available, it is possible to assign different calendars to different tasks. Calendars are also assigned to resources, and the intersection of working days between tasks and assigned resources determines the duration needed to accomplish assigned effort.
  1. The Additional Screens section contains links to screens of information that are completed as part of your organization’s Work lifecycle. You can make updates from these links.

More information on a project is available on the Work Detail tile, which is found by selecting action_menu_15.png > Work View for a project from the Work Portfolio Manager. Tabs and tiles are available here that let you learn about the lifecycle, assignments, and more (Figure 2). The appearance of the content on the Work Detail tile may differ depending on how Portfolio and Resource Management is configured.


Figure 1: Work Detail (for a phase)


Figure 2: Work View (entire project)