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Review the Work Schedule


This mixed media article describes how to see the work schedule (WBS) for a newly created project, or one in progress, by using the Work and Assignments Work and Resource Management  screen.

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Depending on configuration decisions, a work schedule (work breakdown structure) may have been created from a template set up by your administrator. This is often based on the work type. For example, major projects have certain phases and activities, but strategic projects have even more phases, activities, and review gates. The template may include only the phases and tasks, but it may also include high-level requirements, duration estimates, milestone tasks, or tasks that are specifically set to manually edit the status.

Review the Work Schedule

  1. Search for the relevant project > action_menu_15.png > Work and AssignmentsWork and Resource Management.
  2. Select icon_view.png Schedule.
  3. Review the schedule for the project (Figure 1). The work schedule is based on the work type that was selected for the project when it was initiated.



Figure 1: Work and Assignments, Schedule View


Figure 1: Work and Assignments, Schedule View


Figure 1: Work and Resource Management 


Use Gantt Chart and Build Schedule (or similarly named) column sets to explore and build the work schedule.