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Link Work and Strategic (Program) Milestones


This article shows how to link milestones on projects/work to milestones on strategic programs.

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Milestones on projects/work may be linked to program milestones. If linked, the Actual/Scheduled date from the project/work milestone will automatically populate the program milestone and update the program milestone’s date. If one program milestone is linked to multiple project milestones, the latest Actual/Schedule date is used.

To link project/work milestones to program milestones, select the work milestone or milestones when adding the strategy milestone. Milestones can also be linked from the Work menu.

  1. From the Work and Resource Management screen Schedule view, ensure that you have selected a column set with the Strategy Milestone column, such as Build Schedule.

  2. On the line for the work milestone you wish to link, double click in the Strategy Milestone column to display the strategic hierarchy, then navigate down the hierarchy and select the strategic milestone you want to link (Figure 1).

    Note: You can only link a project/work milestone to a program milestone on a program with which the work is associated. You must have the appropriate grants to associate the project/work to a program, unless your database is not configured to enforce strategic grants.


Figure 1: Work and Resource Management – Strategy Milestones