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Enter Durations for Schedule Tasks


This article explains how to use the Duration column to change the duration for tasks in the work schedule.

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Once you have your work schedule (WBS) built out with tasks and milestones, you are ready to estimate durations on the tasks. Portfolio and Resource Management supports duration-based planning, so the process is that durations are estimated for each of the tasks at the lowest levels. Effort is estimated when you assign resources to the tasks.

  1. Search for the relevant project > action_menu_15.png > Work and Resource Management.
  2. Select icon_view.png Schedule.
  3. Using the icon_column_set.png Column Set dropdown, change to Build Schedule. If that column set is not available, select one that has similar columns.
  4. Expand the work schedule so that the lowest levels are displayed. This can either be done within the schedule for each phase or by selecting the plus sign icon icon_blue_plus.png next to the Name column heading.
  5. Click in the Duration column to enter durations (Figure 1). Durations can be entered in hours (40h), days (1d), weeks (1w), or months (.25m), but they will be converted to your preferred setting.
  6. Click in another cell to save your changes.

Recommended columns for building project schedule: Work Status, Schedule Start, Duration, Schedule Finish, Milestone Flag, Milestone Type, Constraint Type, Constraint Date, Predecessors, Successors, Progress Requirement Options, and Progress Tasks & Allocations Options.


When viewing or updating information for a long text field, you can expand and work in a larger window. Double click in a field to open a data entry window, and optionally click expand icon to expand into a larger text entry window. Click Done when finished. This is available when the long text field is displayed as a column in the Work and Resource Management screen or the Task Information tray.


Figure 1: Work and Resource Management