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Additional Topics - Inter-Project Dependencies


Add Inter-Project Dependencies
The PM training chapter on Add Inter-Project Dependencies E1 - PRM 15. Plus job aid.
Pages: 4
  • About Inter-Project Dependencies
    Dependencies show how two entities (projects, products, etc.) are related. This information shows how to work with them, and explains the types of inter-project dependencies.
  • Understand the Four Types of Dependency
    This article contains a chart defining the four types of project dependency: required by, codependent on, dependent on, and redundant with.
  • Create or Edit Dependencies
    This article shows how to edit or delete a dependency between two projects.
  • Job Aid: Inter-Project Relationships
    This job aid (handout) provides project managers with instructions for linking activities and milestones in one project to those in another project.
Financial Planning Using Excel
The Financial Planning Using Excel chapter of the PM training E1 - PRM 15.
Pages: 4


The chapters in this course cover inter-project dependencies, and using Excel in financial planning.