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Additional Topic - Work Financial Planning


Advanced Topics - Financial Planning
Advanced topics about financial planning supporting the PM training material.
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  • The Integrated Work Financial Plan: In Depth
    You can select Work Financial Plan as a “version” in the Financial Planning Detail screen. This has many benefits and provides insights into many aspects of the project. This article goes over some of the things you can do with this integrated work financial plan.
  • View Financial Version Baseline Together with Project Baselines
    Project managers often want to see both financial and schedule data together so they can get a clear understanding of these two key aspects of their projects on the same screen. Portfolio and Resource Management may be configured to see both types of baselines together on one page within the Work, Strategies, or Outcomes menus.
  • Tracking Actuals and Forecast Financial Data via the Financial Plan
    Portfolio and Resource Management tracks financial data using versions to compare data from different points in time in a project’s lifecycle. Each version must be created and named by the Administrator, or generated automatically via a project lifecycle step.


Manage the various sets (versions) of financial information associated with projects in work portfolios. Financial Planning in Portfolio and Resource Management can also be used to manage and track high-level (organization/role) based resource effort.