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The Lifecycle Interface—Left Column


This article goes into the details of the left column of the lifecycle interface.

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You are viewing content for Planview Enterprise One release 15 – Portfolio and Resource Management and greater.

The Lifecycle screen is divided into three sections. The left column controls navigation and display of the current lifecycle (Figure 1).

In the left column are:

  • A button that collapses or expands the display of the left column.
  • Expand All and Collapse All buttons to display or hide sub-steps.
  • A Zoom slider that allows you to get a closer view or an overview of the lifecycle. This can be especially helpful in complicated projects.
  • The Actual Size button, which reverts to the default lifecycle display.
  • The Show All button, which fits the entire lifecycle into the screen.
  • A map of the entire lifecycle, with the portion of the lifecycle currently displayed on-screen highlighted. This is very helpful for knowing where the project is in the lifecycle, how far along it is, what’s left, etc.
  • Navigation buttons that allow you to move around in the lifecycle. The Home button in the center returns to the current active lifecycle step.