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Outcome Concepts


Outcome Portfolio Management Overview
Outcome Portfolio Management Overview from training material.
Pages: 4
  • Outcome Portfolio Management Overview
    This article provides an overview of outcome portfolio management in Portfolio and Resource Management and provides links to additional information on using the outcome functionality.
  • Understand Outcome Management Screens
    This article explains the organization of the  Portfolio View, Outcome View, Financial Planning Detail, and Outcome Portfolio Roadmap screens that are commonly used when working with outcome management.
  • Create Outcome Grants
    This article explains how to create outcome grants.
  • Review Outcome Grants
    This article tells how to review outcome grants.
Work with Outcomes and Outcome Portfolios
The Work with Outcomes and Outcome Portfolios chapter from the outcome training material.
Pages: 11


This course provides an overview of outcome management, and introduces the concepts of outcome grants and outcome portfolios. Associating outcomes with work and strategic programs is also covered.