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Add Reserves to a Microsoft Project Plan


This article shows how to reserve resources from Planview Enterprise One - Portfolio and Resource Management in Microsoft Project.

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You are viewing content for Planview® Enterprise One release 16 – Portfolio and Resource Management and greater.


Figure 1: Reserve Resources 



A resource may be allocated after a reserve is approved. If an allocation is made after a reserve is approved, the reserved time will be decremented to reflect the remaining amount of effort and time the resource has available. The following table identifies the similarities and differences of reserves and allocations.

Applies to resource level (named resources).

Created either as a result of a search based on a requirement or through a direct assignment.

Blocks off availability of a resource if user with read/write grants to the resource approves the reserve or allocation.

Used in early stages of a project, when scoping work. Typically defined seven to twelve weeks before the project's finish date.

Typically defined one to six weeks before a project's finish date.

Use the calendar of the reserved resource when displaying effort or duration.

Use the calendar of the allocated resource when displaying effort or duration.

Created at parent or child level.

Created at a level that does not have children.

If the reserve is approved, a user with read-only grants to the resource can request that the resource be allocated to the work item for specified days and effort.

Once approved, creates allocation.

Time cannot be reported against a reserve after approval.

Time can be reported against an allocation after approval.

Figure 2: Comparison of Reserves and Allocations in the Add-In