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Advanced Topics - Investment and Capacity Planning


Advanced Topics - Investment and Capacity Planning
Advanced topics to accompany the Investment and Capacity Planning training material.
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  • Using Shared Scenarios within Investment and Capacity Planning
    Investment and Capacity Planning is a powerful tool that is used to rank, analyze, shift, prioritize, and finally publish/determine which investments will be completed. Organizations can use the Shared Scenario within Investment and Capacity Planning to help consolidate prioritization across business units or cost centers. This allows planning managers to collaborate and prioritize across the enterprise, then publish final decisions once there is agreement.
  • Precise Planning for Parts of Your Organization (Out of Portfolio)
    Investment and Capacity Planning within Planview Enterprise is a powerful way to review and categorize investments under consideration, then compare the organization’s capacity for the work with the demands of the potential investments. This article describes how to further filter the portfolio to only analyze a subset of data, while also maintaining the complete picture of data using "out of portfolio" rows.
  • Compare Financial Data Across Scenarios for One Investment
    Using the Planning menu, financial analysis between two scenarios can easily be completed for one investment.


This course goes over some advanced topics related to Investment and Capacity Planning.