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Project and Work Management


Requests, FastTrack
Pages: 1
  • Create Requests
    This mixed media article provides an overview and best practices for creating new requests.
Project Creation
Project Creation, Fast Track
Pages: 2
Work Information
Work Information, Fast Track
Pages: 1
  • Update Work Detail Attributes
    This mixed media article explains how to work with the Work Detail and Work View screens to change information about a project.
Work Management
Formerly Work Overview, FastTrack
Pages: 4
Project Plan Creation
Project Plan Creation, FastTrack
Pages: 7
  • Review the Work Schedule
    This mixed media article describes how to see the work schedule (WBS) for a newly created project, or one in progress, by using the Work and Assignments/Work and Resource Management screen.
  • Add Tasks and Milestones
    This mixed media article shows how to insert new tasks into the work schedule and to change a task into a milestone via the Milestone Flag column.
  • Understand Duration vs. Effort
    This article differentiates between the concept of duration and of effort.
  • Establish Constraints
    This mixed media article describes how to add constraints to work schedules.
  • Create Basic Relationships
    This mixed media article shows how to create relationships: chain, fan out, or fan in. It also shows how to remove (delete) a relationship.
  • Calculate the Critical Path
    This mixed media article explains how to define the critical path for a project by running the CPM scheduling engine.
  • Review the Project Schedule using the Gantt Chart
    This mixed media article provides an introduction to the Gantt chart view of schedules in Portfolio and Resource Management. it also provides hints for viewing constraints and milestones.
Project Baselines
Project Baselines, Fast Track
Pages: 2
Project Dependencies
Project Dependencies, FastTrack
Pages: 1
Project Financial Information
Project Financial Information, Fast Track
Pages: 4
Project Tracking and Execution
Project Tracking and Execution, FastTrack
Pages: 2
  • Track and Execute Work
    It's important to keep track of the progress of project work. The information provided here covers some of the ways project execution can be tracked in Portfolio and Resource Management.
  • Understand Project Dates and Durations
    This article provides definitions of important concepts around dates and durations, and provides an example.


This course provides high-level introductions to the most commonly used project/work management tools, in the order in which they are most commonly used, from request, to planning, to execution, to closure.