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Understand the Rank View


This article gives an introduction to the functionality and interface of the Rank view.

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Keystroke Steps


The Rank view reflects the order in which investments are ranked within an investment and capacity planning scenario.

Investments can be ranked:

  • Automatically with selected criteria

  • By dragging and dropping in the desired order

  • By manually entering the rank number

Unranked investments are displayed at the top of the list.

Each scenario within the same portfolio can be ranked differently.

Investment decisions are not made on the Rank view.

The action menu to the left of each investment allows for easy access to many other screens and options. Note that this list can change depending on the selected view. This list may include:

  • Open Work/Strategy/Outcome Detail: Depending on the type of entity, displays the Work Detail screen, Strategy Detail screen, or Outcome Detail screen.
  • Open Financial Planning: Displays the Financial Planning Detail screen, which lets you review or edit financial plans. This option appears only if an administrator configured your user role for reviewing or editing financial plans.
  • Compare Scenario to Work Plan: Displays the Compare Investment and Capacity Plan screen, which displays information that helps you understand how an investment plan differs from its underlying work plan data.
  • Unrank Investment: Removes the investment's ranking and moves the investment to the upper section of the Rank view.

4a. Rank Pivot View.png

4a. Rank View.png

Figure 1: Rank View