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Rank Investments Based on Criteria or Manually


This article explains how to rank investments automatically based on criteria you define.

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Keystroke Steps


Automatic ranking of investments is achieved by selecting the desired criteria based on the selected column set.

After you automatically rank investments, they are displayed on the Rank view according to the ranking defined by your set of criteria. That ranking is also reflected on other views as you change investment approval status or balance capacity with demand within the relevant scenario.

  1. From the Investment and Capacity Management, Planning Portfolio tile, select 1aaaaa.TEMP Pivot Icon.png: Rank.
  2. Confirm that you are viewing the correct portfolio, scenario, and column set.
  3. Select the 4aa. Icon Rank.png button on the top right portion of the screen (Figure 1) (1).
  4. Select Add Criteria (2). New investments or unranked investments are displayed at the top of this list with no rank numbers (3).
  5. Use the dropdown to select a value for the first box. These values will vary based on the column set you are viewing and include all columns that are numerically rankable. For example, Investment Approval is not included, because it is not a rankable column.
  6. Select either Ascending or Descending using the second dropdown.
  7. Continue to select Rank criteria as needed.
  8. Use the trash can icon to delete existing rank criteria.
  9. Select Apply.
  10. Ranking is completed and the rows are re-sorted and renumbered on the Investment and Capacity Planning screen.
  11. Manual ranking is achieved by entering the desired rank number of by selecting one or multiple investments then dragging-and-dropping in the desired order (4).

4b. Define Investment Ranking15.png

4b.. Define Investment Ranking.png

Figure 1: Rank Investments Based on Criteria