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Investment and Capacity Planning


Investment and Capacity Planning Basics
Investment and Capacity Planning Basics, Fast Track
Pages: 2
Scenarios, FastTrack
Pages: 3
Investment and Capacity Planning Views
Investment and Capacity Planning Views, FastTrack
Pages: 6
  • Rank Investments Using the Rank View
    This mixed-media article explains how to use the Rank view to rank investments within the current scenario. There is also an explanation of the icons used in ranking investments.
  • Understand the Rank View
    This article gives an introduction to the functionality and interface of the Rank view.
  • Analyze Investments using the Analyze View
    After all the investments have been ranked, the Analyze view is used to model different investment scenarios and analyze the impact based on the portfolio targets. This mixed media article provides an overview of the Analyze pivot view in Investment and Capacity Planning, plus links to using the Analyze view.
  • Understand the Analyze View
    This article explains concepts about using the Analyze view and provides an overview of the interface. Also included are links to articles on using the Analyze view.
  • Balance Investments using the Balance View
    This mixed media article provides an overview of the Balance view of Investment and Capacity Planning.
  • Understand the Balance View
    This article provides an introduction to the interface and functionality of the Balance view on Investments and Capacity Planning.
Scenario Comparison
Scenario Comparison, FastTrack
Pages: 3
Scenario Publication
Scenario Publication, Fast Track
Pages: 3


This course introduces the use of planning scenarios and how to rank, analyze, balance, compare, and publish them.