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Introduction to Planview Enterprise One - Portfolio and Resource Management
Introduction to menus, portfolio views, and entity views, including Work, Resources, and Strategies menus.
Pages: 5
  • What Is Portfolio and Resource Management?
    This mixed-media article provides a high-level overview of what you can do with Portfolio and Resource Management and how to navigate the application.
  • Understand the My Overview Interface
    This mixed media article provides a guide to the My Overview menu's user interface.
  • Work with Ribbons and Tiles
    This mixed media article provides an introduction to the concepts of the ribbon and tiles using the Portfolio View screen as an example.
  • Create and Edit a Work Portfolio
    This mixed media article shows how to create and review a Work portfolio (collection of projects).
  • Menu Basics
    This article provides general information about using the application's menus to access and perform actions on portfolios and entities.


This course defines the purpose of Portfolio and Resource management and introduces the basic concepts of the My Overview screen, menus, ribbons, portfolios.