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Overview: Schedule and Backlog View


This article provides an overview of the Schedule and Backlog view.

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The Schedule and Backlog view in Work and Assignments lets you build out the project plan and schedule the action items that you already created on the Backlog view, or that you create on this screen. All you need to do is to drag the action items from the list of backlog items to the respective work item on the project plan. From this view, you can manage work items and action items, plus view the Gantt chart for both.

1. All the backlog action items created from the Backlog view are displayed in the Backlog pane on this view. You can add and manage action items directly on this pane as you can in the Backlog view.

2. To schedule an action item, drag the item from the Backlog pane to a work item in the project plan. All the actions available to manage project plan are also available on this view.

3. The Gantt chart displays relationships among the work items and other visuals based on your user preferences. Action items are also represented on this Gantt chart view.


Figure 1: Work and Assignments - Schedule and Backlog View