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Overview: Schedule and Assignments View


This article provides an overview of the Schedule and Assignments view.

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You are viewing content for Planview Enterprise One release – Portfolio and Resource Management.

Work and Assignments—Schedule and Assignments View


The Schedule and Assignments view in Work and Assignments lets you view both the work schedule and the resource assignments for a project (Figure 1). You can perform similar tasks from here, but it is easier to see which lines on the work breakdown structure have resource assignments and what type of assignment is currently used. For definitions of the assignment types, see Resource Assignment Types Overview.

  1. Allocation: This icon allocation17.png next to a resource name means that the resource is allocated to the task above. This icon allocation_requested17.png means an allocation is requested.
  2. Authorization: This icon approved.png next to a resource name means that the resource is authorized to the task above.
  3. Reserve: This icon approved.png next to a resource name means that the resource is reserved to the task above. This icon requested.png means a reserve is requested.
  4. Requirement: To view requirements for a task, select action_menu_15.png  > Task Information, then select the Require tab. This icon req_approved.png next to an organizational resource name represents a requirement.
  5. Utilization grid or bars: Graphically display utilization information on the resource based on preference settings. Use the editable grid to create effort profiles. You can view summarized information by hovering over a utilization bar or cell in the grid.

Select action_menu_15.png for any line with a resource allocation icon to edit the allocation, substitute resources, or view more details.

Select action_menu_15.png for any line on the work breakdown structure to see more on the resource assignments as well as other project information (Figure 1). By default, the task information opens in a new window. Select icon_toggle.png to toggle between this option and displaying task information in a lower tray, beneath the work breakdown structure. Select the icon_black_x.png at upper right to close the window.


The Req Name and Req ID columns are useful for filtering the display by requirement.


Figure 1: Work and Assignments—Schedule and Assignments View