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Overview: Resources and Assignments View


This article provides an overview of the Resources and Assignments view.

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The Resources and Assignments view in Work and Assignments shows the named resource assignments for a project (Figure 1), requests, and utilization (reserves, allocations, and standard activities). You can see what parts of the project resources are assigned to, how much they are utilized, and how much time they are scheduled for.

From the Resources and Assignments view, you can approve resource requests and modify assignment details on this screen.

Hover over a utilization bar to see summarized information for the resource or assignment.

  1. Allocations: An allocation displays the work structure line of the allocation and its status, pending effort, and utilization. The utilization is further broken down on the right side of the screen. Allocations display the allocation17.png or allocation_requested17.png icon.
  2. Authorizations: Authorizations display the approved.png icon.
  3. Reserves: Reserves display the reserve17.png or reserve_requested17.png icon as well as the status, pending effort, utilization, and utilization breakdown.

Select action_menu_15.png next to any resource to substitute one resource for another or view the Resource View for the resource, if you have appropriate grants (Figure 2).


For allocations and reserves, you can use the Requirement Name and Requirement ID columns to see the requirement they originated from.


Figure 1: Work and Assignments —Resources and Assignments View