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Overview: Entity View


This mixed media article provides an overview of the Entity View screens and includes a video on the Work View.

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E-Learning: Navigate the Work View

Keystrokes: Entity View Overview

An easy way to find an entity is to use Navigational Search:

  1. Search for the relevant project (or Resource, Strategy, etc.).
  2. Select action_menu_15.png > Work View (or Resource, Strategy, etc.) (Figure 1).
  3. From here you can:
  • See the same kinds of data for all your projects at once—in the example you can easily see the work status of each project.
  • Designate your favorite projects by selecting a star.
  • Use drop-down menus to get more information on a project.
  • Select a tile for other types of information about all the projects in the portfolio, like all the timesheets that need approval. Tiles that display icon_load.png will load data once selected.


Figure 1: Work View Overview


Figure 1: Work View Overview