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Overview: Backlog View


This article provides an overview of the Backlog view.

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The Backlog view in Work and Assignments lets you create and detail a list of action items, and assign resources to them (Figure 1). These are items to do at a later time that are not yet assigned to a specific project, specific team, or specific resource. Action items can be anything you need to track according to your project planning methodology, such as a list of features, a list of deliverables, or a list of items to complete.

Action items can be Actions, Stories, or Projectplace Cards. You can also define your own types.

  1. Click the +Action Item button to add new action items.
  2.  Use the Priority field to rank the action items.
  3. Select the "handle" and move actions item to reorder them as needed.
  4. Use the on-screen grid to add/update action items and to assign resources

Figure 1: Work and Assignments - Backlog View