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Managing Projects in Planview Enterprise 14

Managing Projects in Planview Enterprise 14
This collection of courses consists of all the project/work management training course content for Planview Enterprise 14.

15 Courses

  • Requests
    Requests can be used to manage the initiation of new projects, outcomes, or other entities. This course shows how to create, update, dispatch, and generate items from requests.

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  • Add Work and Create Lifecycles
    This course explains how to capture, organize, and maintain a project’s information. Projects can be created manually, or their lifecycles can be generated from a strategic program. It is important to accurately and completely gather and store all information for project work before the project starts out, as well as to update information that is new or changed.

    Work Lifecycles
    Work Lifecycles chapter in PM training book.
    Pages: 14
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  • Build the Project Plan
    All aspects of building out the project plan. The project plan, or work breakdown structure, consists of the tasks, milestones, dates/durations, relationships, constraints, costs, and resource demand for a project. This course goes over all aspects of building the project plan. Also includes associating documents and other content with projects.

    Manage Project Documents
    Content Management chapter in PM training. E1 - PRM 15
    Pages: 5
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  • Resource Assignments
    The topics in this course will enable you understand the types of resource assignments available in Portfolio and Resource Management and to make assignments of each type. You will also learn to substitute resources and decrement from assignments.

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  • Project Financial Planning
    Manage the various sets (versions) of financial information associated with projects in in  work portfolios. Financial Planning in Portfolio and Resource Management can also be used to manage and track high level (organization/role) based resource effort.

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  • Execution and Tracking
    The functionality that allows you to manage the project through its execution, including project baselines, the management of the schedule, resource demand and resource assignments, and reporting on the overall status and health of the project as it moves toward completion.


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  • Work Portfolios
    Work is managed in portfolios, which allow you to review many aspects of projects/work. This course covers creating and editing work portfolios,  the Work Portfolio View screen, and how to work with financial information in the Portfolio View.

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  • Reports
    This course covers the various types of reports and analytics available for work and resource management. The first topic covers report tiles and RPM analytics reports. The second two topics cover Power BI reports.

    Use Power BI Column Set Pull
    The Use Power BI Column Set Pull chapter in the PM training material 14.
    Pages: 1
    • Column Set Pull
      Introduces column set pull data sources, which allows users to create interactive analytics in Power BI Desktop by generating datasets using a combination of a Planview Enterprise One column set and portfolio.


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  • Risks, Issues, and Changes
    This course covers Changes, Risks, and Issues (CRIs).

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  • Timesheets - PM
    This course is for work managers who need to approve time on timesheets.


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  • Project Closure
    This course covers how to close a project after ensuring that project objectives have been met and to prevent accumulation of additional time and costs.

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  • Using PRM and the UI
    This course explains the work management UI organization and what you can do with the Work Portfolio View, Work and Resource Management, and Work View screens, among others. Menu options under My Account, such as grants, are also here, along with managing ribbons, tiles, and column sets and the navigational search functionality.

    Work Manager Overview
    Work Management Overview chapter of the Fundamentals training material 14.
    Pages: 1
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  • Additional PM Topics
    The chapters in this course cover topics such as to-do lists (name will change), agile projects, inter-project dependencies, and using Excel in financial planning.


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  • Mobile Timesheet
    This course covers mobile timesheets.

    Complete a Mobile Timesheet
    Complete a Mobile Timesheet chapter in PM training 14.
    Pages: 6
    Manage Approvals via Mobile Device
    The PM training chapter on Manage Approvals via Mobile Device 14. This is all messed up, so Sue Ann will create it anew when she gets to it.
    Pages: 1
    • Manage Approvals via Mobile Device
      This article provides information on managing time approval via mobile devices, and contains links to articles with instructions for doing so.


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  • TA Test

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