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Use a Mobile Device to Approve or Disapprove Lifecycle Steps


This article provides information on managing time approval via mobile devices, and contains links to articles with instructions for doing so.

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As a project or resource manager, you can use mobile devices to approve or disapprove pending lifecycle requests.

To approve or disapprove a lifecycle request:

  1. Sign in to the Portfolio and Resource Management mobile site as described in Sign In to the Portfolio and Resource Management Mobile Site.

  2.  Tap mobile_lifecycle.png mobile-lifecycle17.png Lifecycles. The Lifecycles screen is displayed.

  3.  On the lifecycle entity for which you want to approve or disapprove a step, tap  mobile_arrow.png.  mobile-select17.png. For help in identifying lifecycle entity types, see Figure 1.

  4.   Tap Approve, Disapprove (Figure 2).

  5. In the text box that is displayed, type a comment about the approval or disapproval or select a resource to substitute for the original. Note that lifecycle steps that were previously rejected are marked with a message indicating the action that was taken.

  6. Tap Approve or Disapprove.


When using a mobile device to approve, disapprove, or delegate lifecycle steps or documents, you can quickly identify the type of lifecycle entity you are working with by its icon.

The table in Figure 1 identifies the icons for the different types of lifecycle entities.


Figure 1: Lifecycle Entity Types


Figure 2: Approve or Disapprove Lifecycle Notification