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Resource Information and Availability


Resource Information Management - Getting Started
Basic information on the Resource View and updating resource information and attributes.
Pages: 6
Resource Information Management: For More Information
Supplemental information for Resource Information Management.
Pages: 4
  • Resource Information FAQ
    These frequently asked questions cover resource information, such as resource attributes. This article applies to Planview Enterprise 11.5 and up.
  • Maintaining Your Resource Information
    This best practice offers tips on capturing resource information, such as skills, location, and availability.
  • Keeping Resource Information Up to Date
    Resource information such as skills and roles should be tracked within Planview Enterprise so that project managers can define requirements and resource managers can forecast resource needs. This best practice stresses the importance of keeping resource attributes and calendar information up to date.
  • Managing Labor Rates and Contracts
    This best practice offers guidelines for managing labor rates and contracts in organizations where rates can vary by role, location, or other factors, or who use outside contractors associated with a vendor contract.


In this course, you will learn how to add, review, and maintain information about resources in Planview Enterprise. The feature of Effective dates for resource attributes is explained. Use the Getting Started topic to learn from our training material, and the Mastering topic for more detailed product help content. This course falls under the Resource Information and Resource Availability capabilities.