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Project Information


Project Creation
All the ways to add project work.
Pages: 5
  • Projects
  • Creating Work (Overview)
    This article provides general information about creating work in Planview Enterprise.
  • Creating Work
    This article describes creating new work and includes brief descriptions of the New Work screen's elements.
  • Add a Project (Add Work) Version 14
    This article provides information on how to add project work. This article applies to Planview Enterprise 14.
  • Initiate Work from Programs
    This article goes over how to add a project/work from the Strategy Portfolio Manager. This article applies to Planview Enterprise 14.
Project Creation: For More Information
Supplemental information for Project Creation.
Pages: 2
Work Information
Updating work information and attributes.
Pages: 5
Work Information: For More Information
Supplemental information for Work Information.
Pages: 1
  • Job Aid: Work View
    This job aid (handout) provides project managers with an orientation to the UI of the Work View screen, how to access the screen, information on the Work Detail and other tiles on the ribbon, as well as samples of Work View tabs.


This course explains how to capture, organize, and maintain a project’s information. Projects can be created manually, or be generated from a strategic program. It is important to accurately and completely gather and store all information for project work before the project starts out, as well as to update information that is new or changed. This course covers the Project Information capability.