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Project Financial Planning


Project Financial Information - Getting Started
The basics of working with project budgets and financial plans.
Pages: 16
Mastering Project Financial Information
Detailed information on working with financial planning screens and data.
Pages: 16
Project Financial Information: For More Information
Supplemental content for Project Financial Information
Pages: 6
  • The Integrated Work Financial Plan: In Depth
    You can select Work Financial Plan as a “version” in the Financial Planning Detail screen. This has many benefits and provides insights into many aspects of the project. This article goes over some of the things you can do with this integrated work financial plan.
  • View Financial Version Baseline Together with Project Baselines
    Project managers often want to see both financial and schedule data together so they can get a clear understanding of these two key aspects of their projects on the same screen. Planview Enterprise may be configured to see both types of baselines together on one page within the Work, Strategies, or Outcomes menus.
  • Project Estimation and Budgeting
    This best practice offers an overview of project estimation methods and techniques, including the various levels and types of estimates, and considerations for each.
  • Propose Project Budget
    A project budget is the total sum of money and/or resource effort allocated for a project for a specific period of time. The goal of budget management is to control project costs within the approved budget and deliver the expected project goals.
  • Tracking Actuals and Forecast Financial Data via the Financial Plan
    Planview Enterprise tracks financial data using versions to compare data from different points in time in a project’s lifecycle. Each version must be created and named by the Planview Administrator, or generated automatically via a project lifecycle step.
  • Calculation Details for Financial Metrics (NPV, ROI, IRR)
    This best practice explains the calculation algorithms Planview Enterprise uses for its financial metrics (e.g., NPV,ROI, IRR).
Non-Labor Expenditures - Getting Started
Basic information on how to add, load, view, move, and delete expenses and expenditures.
Pages: 7
Mastering Non-Labor Expenditures
Detailed information on working with expenses and expenditures.
Pages: 18
Excel and Planview Enterprise
Using Excel in conjunction with Planview Enterprise.
Pages: 9
Excel and Planview Enterprise: For More Information
Supplemental information for Excel and Planview Enterprise.
Pages: 1
  • Excel Import and Export FAQ
    These frequently asked questions cover using Microsoft Excel with Planview Enterprise data. Sign in to access this FAQ article.


The topics in this course will enable you manage the various sets (versions) of financial information associated with projects in in your work portfolios. Financial Planning in Planview Enterprise can also be used to manage and track high level (organization/role) based resource effort. Use the Getting Started topic to learn from our training material, and the Mastering topic for more detailed product help content.  This course falls under the Financial Planning capability.