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Project Completion - Getting Started
Basics on steps to close a project.
Pages: 5
Project Completion: For More Information
Supplemental information for Project Completion.
Pages: 3
  • Work Closure FAQ
    These frequently asked questions covers ways in which projects/work can be ended. This article applies to Planview Enterprise 11.5 and up.
  • Best Practice - Closing Out Project Activities and Tasks
    During project execution, as project team members work on various activities and tasks, closing those items out as they are completed is vital. This best practice explains the impacts of task and project closure, and offers guidelines for success.
  • Lessons Learned
    This best practice offers guidelines for capturing and leveraging lessons learned, which can serve to guide future projects, and build on the experience gained from your project.


This course covers how to close a project after ensuring that project objectives have been met. In this course, you will learn how to use Planview Enterprise to ensure that project objectives have been met before the project is closed, to prevent accumulation of additional time and costs. Use the Getting Started topic to learn from our training material, and the Mastering topic for more detailed product help content. This course is part of the Project Closure capability.