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Menus, Ribbons, Tiles, and Column Sets


About Menus
Introduction to menus, portfolio views, and entity views, including Work, Resources, and Strategies menus.
Pages: 9
About Menus: For More Information
Supplemental content for About Menus.
Pages: 1
  • About Menus
    These frequently asked questions cover menus. Sign in to access this FAQ topic.
My Planview
Discussion of the types of information found on the My Planview menu. Includes the Active Lifecycle Steps tile on the My Planview menu.
Pages: 5
  • My Planview Menu
  • Understand the My Planview Interface
    This article provides a guide to the My Planview menu's user interface. This article applies to Planview Enterprise 14.
  • My Planview Version 14
    This article covers some key concepts about the My Planview menu. This article applies to Planview Enterprise 14.
  • My Planview
    This article provides basic information about My Planview, which is a centralized location that displays information specific to you as a user (such a notifications and assignments) from across the system.
  • Use the Active Lifecycle Steps Tile on My Planview
    This article describes the keystroke steps to use the Active Lifecycle Steps tile on My Planview. This article applies to Planview Enterprise 14.
Ribbons and Tiles
How the ribbon of tiles works, how to customize a ribbon, definitions of different types of tiles, portfolio manager tile functionality, and examples of commonly used report tiles.
Pages: 12
Ribbons and Tiles: For More Information
Supplemental information for Ribbons and Tiles.
Pages: 3
  • About Tiles
    These frequently asked questions cover the tiles on the Planview Enterprise ribbon. Sign in to access thisFAQ topic.
  • Tile Performance Considerations
    While tiles in Planview Enterprise are a powerful way to quickly gain insights and view reports, the number and types of tiles in your ribbon can impact the time to open and access the product. This best practice offers guidelines for performance-savvy tile use.
  • Job Aid: Working with Tiles
    This job aid (handout) provides portfolio managers with an overview of tile functionality as found on portfolio views, My Planview, and the Work View. It also explains how to group data or switch to Tree or List View.
Column Sets
The uses of column sets in the system, as well as how to to create, edit, configure and delete column sets.
Pages: 6
  • Learn About Column Sets
    This article provides general information about column sets, which help you control what a screen displays.
  • Selecting Column Sets
    This article describes selecting a column set to help you focus the data that displays on a screen for your purposes.
  • Create and Edit Column Sets
  • Manage Column Sets
    This article explains how to create column sets and how to edit and delete column sets that you create. This article applies to Planview Enterprise 13 and 14.
  • Configuring Column Sets
    Users configure column sets as described in this article to help control the view of data in the Work and Resource Management screen, the Investment and Capacity Planning screen, and many other screens that display data in a grid.
  • Deleting User-Defined Column Sets
Column Sets: For More Information
Supplemental information for Column Sets.
Pages: 1
  • Column Set FAQs
    These frequently asked questions cover Planview Enterprise column sets. This article applies to Planview Enterprise 11.5 and up.


This course introduces the most common navigation elements of Planview Enterprise. The foundation of Planview Enterprise navigation is its menus, ribbons, and tiles. The topmost, narrow menu bar gives high-level options such as My Planview, Requests, Planning, Work, Resources, and more. Below the menu bar is a horizontal ribbon that contains tiles. This course falls under the Fundamentals capability.