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Common Screens


Work and Resource Management
Accessing and navigating the Work and Resource Management screen pivot views and task information tray. Also setting preferences and keyboard shortcuts.
Pages: 13
Work Portfolio View and Portfolio Manager
Orientation to the Work Portfolio View and Work View screen interfaces.
Pages: 2
  • Overview: Work Portfolio View
    This article provides an overview of the Work Portfolio View screen. This article applies to Planview Enterprise 13.
  • Working in Portfolio Summary Screens
    This article describes the operations you frequently perform on Portfolio View screens and some other screens that summarize a portfolio's content.
Work Portfolio View and Portfolio Manager: For More Information
Supplemental information for Work Portfolio View and Portfolio Manager.
Pages: 1
  • Work Portfolio View Screen Basics
    This article describes navigating to the screen that gives you both an overview of the work items in a portfolio and easy access to the details of each work item in the portfolio. The article also provides general information about that screen.
Resource Portfolio View and Portfolio Manager
Orientation to the Resource Portfolio View and Resource View, including the organization of the Resources Portfolio Manager tile and resource report tiles.
Pages: 4
Work View
Orientation to the functionality of the Work View screen, which gives information about individual projects.
Pages: 3
Resource View
Information about the Resource View screen, for individual resources.
Pages: 2
Resource Management and Assignments
An introduction to the organization of the Resource Management and Assignments screen and its pivot views.
Pages: 7
The Data Picker
Overview of how to use the Data Picker to select elements from hierarchies.
Pages: 3
  • Overview - Data Picker
    Learn to navigate the Data Picker and become familiar with its functionality
  • Use the Planview Data Picker
    This article describes the keystroke steps to use the Planview Data Picker​​​​. This article applies to Planview Enterprise 13.
  • Planview Enterprise Data Picker
    The Planview Enterprise Data Picker lets you locate and select values you want to add to a field or screen. This article includes general information about opening the Data Picker and describes its tabs and elements. The article also describes using the inline Data Picker, which lets you search for and select values without opening the Data Picker in a separate screen.


This course gives an orientation to the most common screens’ functionalities and configurations. This course gives an orientation to the most common screens, as well as information on their functionality and configuration. Topics include Work and Resource Management, Portfolio View/Portfolio Manager, Work/Resource/etc. views, as well as the Data Picker and navigational search field. This course falls under the Fundamentals capability.