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Rate Configuration and Administration


Rate Administration
Maintain the system that tracks rates and identifies changes made to source data.
Pages: 17
Labor Rate Card Administration
Maintain labor rate card groups to accurately define how rates apply for given entities.
Pages: 9
Labor Rate Set Administration
Maintain labor rate sets to accurately group rate information.
Pages: 12
Labor Rate Lookup Administration
Define how the rate for specific lookups change over time.
Pages: 9
Labor Rate Override Administration
Set system to override a given resource’s role or rate type by project, phase, activity, or task.
Pages: 15
Costing Administration
Configure the system to calculate costing and billing financial amounts, primarily using effort and rate as inputs.
Pages: 4
Cost-Center Based Costing Administration
Apply different labor rates depending on which cost center is supplying the resources.
Pages: 8
Payroll Code-Based Costing Administration
Manage the organization's ability to cost different types of work.
Pages: 6


How to set up the daily tables so that extracts and the Data Mart will contain all the necessary data, and the graphical portlets will display properly. When an area uses the daily tables, the system runs a stored procedure against the database to identify changes made to the source data.