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Operational Administration


Configurable Text and Custom Logo Administration
Customize logos, menus, options, and other interface elements in the Planview Enterprise interface.
Pages: 12
Configurable Text and Custom Logo Administration: For More Information
Supplemental Information for Configurable Text and Custom Logo Administration.
Pages: 1
  • Configurable Text FAQ
    These frequently asked questions cover using configurable text to change phrases in Planview Enterprise. Sign in to access this FAQ article.
Content Management Administration
How to add and manage project documents and other content.
Pages: 8
Agile Functionality Setup
How to set up Agile functionality for projects, including Sprints and Team alternate structures.
Pages: 5


This course covers the basics for setting up and configuring elements of Planview Enterprise. These configurable elements include the Data Mart, content management, and agile functionality. Configuring text, so that editable text phrases better reflect your organization’s terminology, is also covered. The video course on Data Mart and Report Builder has details on Data Mart administration. You will need to purchase access to the video course.